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Rewards system

In-Game Rewards

13.320.000 $DTB tokens (36% of Community Rewards) are reserved for the Play to Earn Rewards pool. This is the largest allocation as Play to Earn is the key value proposition of DataBlaze. With this rewards pool, we aim to attract a large group of active players to participate in the DataBlaze ecosystem. A fixed amount of $DTB tokens will e allocated to a variety of Play to Earn campaigns such as:
  • Weekend Ranked reward
  • Daily token reward system
  • Quest
  • Seasonal reward
  • Tournament
  • Special game modes

The Community Treasury

23.680.000 $DTB tokens (64% of Community Rewards) will be set aside as a rewards pool to foster community engagement. The purpose of the pool is to reward activities which are difficult to quantify but add significant value to the game and game economy. Part of the monthly allocation will be distributed to the community at the Foundation’s discretion. Another part of the monthly allocation will be distributed according to what’s decided via monthly governance proposals.
The Community Treasury includes, but is not limited to the following areas:
  • Community activation
  • Community engagement
  • Content creators
  • Partnership
  • Referral reward
  • Airdrops