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We’ve been thinking about a multiplayer RPG that players could mod and make their own. But the technology necessary to support the transaction volume and attribution complexity of such a game was out of reach.
Now, blockchain makes it all possible. DataBlaze will be the first RPG game on Aptos Blockchain entirely on chain, using new capabilities to empower players to collectively own the game and its future roadmap. Blockchain provides an approachable system to earn real money — sell and trade, play and win, create and own. Finally, with the $DTB token and a blockchain-powered game economy, gamers can have the opportunity to be rewarded for the time they spend doing what they love.
The time is right. A generation of hundreds of millions of players has been raised on Minecraft and Roblox. They are getting old enough to earn and spend their own money — and are likely to choose multiplayer games that also fulfill their desire to create and share with a community their own age. DataBlaze’s player-creation tools are designed for them, with a more realistic look and real-world value.
As the first multiplayer RPG that empowers players to create, trade, and truly own their player-created content on the chain, DataBlaze has the potential to be the next industry-defining RPG franchise for a massive generation of players and creators.