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Explore dark alleys, infiltrate megacorporations, and hack their systems for intel. Retreat to your hideout to plan your next move and craft gear. But be warned, the corporations won't take your intrusion lightly and will send their best agents to stop you. DataBlaze is a playground of secrets and intrigue for you to explore on your own terms with your hoverbike and arsenal.

PvP & PvE

DataBlaze offers both PvP and PvE mechanics. In PvP, you can challenge other players to a duel or join a faction and wage war against rival factions for control of territories and resources. PvE offers a wide range of missions, including infiltration, extraction, assassination, and data recovery, where you can choose to take on these missions alone or form a team with other players to increase your chances of success. Each mission will present different challenges, from security systems and traps to enemy reinforcements and boss battles. Your success depends on your ability to adapt, improvise, and survive in a world where danger lurks around every corner.


The leaderboard is a ranking system that shows the top players in the game, based on their performance. In DataBlaze, the leaderboard is based on the number of missions completed and the overall level of the player. The top players on the leaderboard are rewarded with special bonuses, such as rare equipment or access to exclusive missions or $DTB tokens.

Character & Gear Development

Citizens will have access to a robust set of character skills and improvements to customize their characters. By completing various activities around the city, the citizens will gain experience points which will then enable them to unlock and allocate new skills to their character to fit their needs and specific play styles.
The citizens will be able to utilize various weapons and equipment that they acquire through the loot containers scattered throughout the world or at the end of certain activities. These equipment, weapons and vehicles will be further upgradeable to empower or enhance their efficiency. These items will be stored on blockchain as NFTs and will not be bound to the characters. Instead, citizens will be able to trade and sell their upgraded/customized items to the others as they wish by utilizing the marketplace that will be present at launch.

Syndicates System

Players can choose to perform various missions and equipment for a particular syndicate, raising the player's standing with that group and earning access to unique offerings. Raising familiarity with one group, however, can incur the anger of another group, and even lead them to launch hits against a player, so choosing which syndicate to gain standing with is important.
There are currently 4 known Syndicates, each with its own unique themes and goals. Every syndicate has a particular relationship with the others: favorable, neutral, negative or hostile. Earning reputation with a particular group also earns reputation to a group they have favorable relationships with, but decreases reputation with another group that they oppose.

Passive Income

By collecting NFTs, players will be able to secure passive incomes in $DTB for themselves even when they’re not active.


In the cyberpunk RPG crypto game DataBlaze, players can earn rewards in $DTB token by completing various tasks, such as killing bosses and mobs or leveling up their character. These rewards can then be used to purchase upgrades and equipment, giving players an advantage as they navigate the dangerous world of corporate espionage and high-tech warfare.