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DataBlaze is more than just a game; it is a community of players who share a passion for cyberpunk-themed content. To take this community to the next level, DataBlaze is introducing a NFT collection that provides players with additional utility.
The Datablaze Boxes collection is a particular collection that provides its holders with three distinct utilities:
  • Closed Beta Access
  • Character
  • $DTB tokens
But that's not all - the Datablaze Boxes collection is taking it one step further by offering three levels of rarity. Each level represents a different level of exclusivity and unlocks additional features and benefits for its holders.
  • Level 1: Rare
  • Level 2: Epic
  • Level 3: Legendary
By purchasing these NFTs, players not only gain access to exclusive content, but they also become a part of the DataBlaze community. It is a place where players can come together, share their love for cyberpunk-themed content, and engage in social activities.